Bonbini! This happy island lies nicely outside the hurricane belt, making it the perfect destination year-round. Aruba offers pristine beaches and luxurious resorts making it a popular destination wedding location. On the other hand, Aruba hides a bit of wild side: its capital city, Oranjestad, offers the chance to gamble at the casinos, and the national park is dotted with cacti and abandoned gold mines.



The capital of Aruba is also the nightlife headquarters, offering many entertainment options. The majority of resorts are located here, in addition to the casinos, lounges, bars, and clubs. Both the trolley and tram (which connects the cruise terminal with the center of town) provide great public transportation to and from high-end shopping, excellent restaurants, monuments, and museums. 


Arikok National Park

The national park is Aruba's national treasure, with over 7500 protected acres, rare and indigenous gems, and a long list of animal and plant species. It's also home to a few unique attractions, such as unusual lava formations, quartz diorite and limestone, and spectacular caves. Original Indian rock drawings can also be found here.

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Eagle Beach

Just northwest of Oranjestad is Eagle Beach, which frequently makes the lists of best beaches in the world. It's dotted with shade trees and has everything you need to spend your day by the water - from lounge chairs to frozen drinks. Keep in mind that it is a leatherback sea turtle nesting area, so some parts of the beach may be closed from March to July.